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Makita GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander

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If you ask any homeowner who’s passionate and enthusiastic about DIY projects, you will surely hear him/her mentioning the fun of using sanders.

Disc sanders are the best tools in completing your home projects.

They are essentially great to remove the tough stains, vanish and paint.

Makita’s disc sander is a great industrial tool.

With a powerful 4.2 AMP motor, this tool brings you an impressive 4500 RPM of speed for a quick-turn-around of completing projects.

Meanwhile the ball and the needle bearings that help boot longevity of this disc sander.

Basically, this disc sander is ideal for the preparation of surfaces to apply paint on them.

For final smooth finish, you might consider pairing the sander with the orbit sander due to its high grit sand papers.

Initially, the disc sander from Makita (GV5010) comes with an 80-grit sand paper.

Working with Makita GV5010 5 Inch Disc Sander

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This is strong enough for the removal of large particles on rough surfaces.

Makita’s disc sander further brings a high and durable industrial performance.

It is also a portable tool to operate with one hand for a variety of surfaces.

The rubberized grip enables the user to operate the sander optimally and to control it with ease.

If any defect happens, the manufacturer offers warranty for a period of a year.

In the package, you will find the hex wrench, abrasive disc, side handle and the plastic pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sand all the surfaces with Makita’s disc sander?

Provided those surfaces are rough enough then this disc sander is ideal for that.

But if you need to finish the smooth surface, it may not be ideal with its 80-grit sand paper.

Instead, I reckon combining it with another sander, probably the orbit or the belt sander with the finest grit levels.

Can I remove paint or vanish with this disc paper?

Makita’s Disc Sander comes with an 80 grit of sand paper.

You’d therefore notice that the grit is suitable for rough surfaces.

So, it depends that how smooth the surface is, the one you intend to remove paint from.

Are there any precautions to use this disc sander?

Yes, certainly there are precautions to ensure that you operate it safely.

Most of the sanders come with dust port to connect vacuum or the dust bag.

But, it is still advisable to wear respiratory mask if sanding paint walls.

Goggles are also essential to wear because they will be some particles to your eyes.

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How can I change the sand paper?

It is quite easy to do that using the quick release lever.

Otherwise the operator manual provided along with the product will help guide you explicitly.

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
Disc sander from Makita is surely the best friend of any specialist painter of vertical or horizontal surfaces.

The belt’s 80-grit setting is powerful in removing rubbish on rough surfaces prior to painting.

Removal of paint and varnish on rough surfaces is also an easy task.

But, if you want smooth finish for hardwood, I recommend having another sander, preferably the orbit sander for final touch-ups.

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  • Comes with an 80-grit belt for a great work on rough surfaces
  • It’s compact and lightweight for one hand operation
  • Comes with a rubberized grip for an ease of control
  • Comes with a power 4.2 AMP motor operating at higher speeds of 4500 RPM
  • Double insulated and durable enhanced by the ball and needle bearings


  • Has no variable velocities
  • Its 80-grit not suitable for a smooth finish
  • Sand paper rarely found in local stores, and the Makita’s one is quite costly.

If you have some home improvement DIY projects, look nowhere beyond Makita’s disc sander.

The sander is versatile in that it can be combined with the finest sanders to make a perfect job.

You simply start with the disc sander and then complete with the finer grit sand papers.

Good Luck!

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