Review: Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Sander

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Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Sander

As woodworkers, carpenters, furniture re-finishers, what we need is a powerful industrial tool that offers variable speeds so that we can choose for each task.

But, above all, we need precision. Industrial tools such as the disc sanders have been in abundance from long time ago, and they are revered for their whole host of incredible features.

I now present to you the Bosch 3727DEVS random-orbit sander from one of the world’s leading industrial companies, Bosch.

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At first glance, the incredible and remarkable feature of this random-orbit sander is the variable speed dial that ranges from 4500 to 12000 RPM, thus allowing you to select a certain speed for each sanding task.

With this speed, you’re guaranteed a quick turnaround of completing commercial projects when you indulge in such.

Also noteworthy is the powerful 3.3 AMP motor that is symbolic with an exceptional performance.

Using Bosch 3727DEVS

The integrated pad-dampening system helps reduce the swirling marks on your surfaces so you can have an incredible surface finish.

All the precision and accuracy you need in sanding, this random-orbit sander has them.

Moreover, your health good state is reassured by the micro-filter dust system, integrated to trap tiny dust particles that may not be collected all by the dust canister.

The dust canister collects most of the dust particles to make your work area clean.

Included in your package is the micro-filter dust canister, pad wrench, detachable front handle, sander, sanding disc, and soft backing pad.

If any of these components shows any defects, the company offers a one year product warranty against such inconvenient defects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have just built my cement wall and want to apply paint. Can I use this sander?

I must say it depends that how rough the wall is, and also depends on how you want the end results.

For instance, any wall that is too rough needs lower grit sandpapers.

I would recommend that you try the disc sander before applying the random-orbit sander.

With the random-orbit sander you may do final finish on your surface.

I am new to sanding, which speed should I use?

I recommend trying with the lowest speed since this tool has variable speed dial from 4500 to 12000 RPM.

So, start low until you find your way towards the highest speed that requires expertise in sanding.

You get the privilege to select the desired speed for each task treated.

Complex projects may require the minimum speed.

My pads are no longer effective, what can I do?

You can change pads easily by purchasing replacement pads either from your local store or online on Amazon.

Does this sander come with the vacuum for the removal of dust particles?


You have to purchase that separately.

Consider the Bosch VAC005 5-Meter Vacuum Hose 35mm from the same manufacturing company.

Any safety precautions to exercise?

Yes there are.

Precisely, you have to put on your protective apparels.

Consider the goggles, safety long sleeves, aprons and gloves.

There might be other dust particles towards you. So, you wouldn’t jeopardize your health with that.

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
I bear testimony to the exceptional and remarkable industrial performance of this random-orbit sander.

My sister’s husband had bought one two years ago after they bought a new home, which they found the kitchen color quite unattractive.

So they had to remove the paint and this sander had come to their rescue.

They bought two and even now they are still functioning well.

The variable speed as well as the powerful motor built-in in this random-orbit sander is incredible.

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  • High variable speed from 4500 to 12000 RPM
  • Micro-filter system to filter tiny dust particles for your safety
  • Integrated pad-dampening system to reduce swirling marks for a perfect job
  • Inexpensive sander
  • 1 year warranty from the company


  • Powerless for rougher surfaces
  • Vacuum is sold separately
  • It is noisy

With Bosch products you never go wrong because they are engineered to meet high standards.

Customers can attest that this random-orbit sander is a living testimony to such top notch quality.

It offers the unmatched variable speeds from 4500 to 12000 RPM, something I am yet to see in other sanders of its caliber.

Good Luck!

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