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TCP Global Brand 6" Dual Action D.A. Sander With Pad, Air Powered, (1/4"NPT)

For all the professional and DIY projects that require a seamless finish, the TCP Global air-powered disc sander can come to your rescue.

It has an ergonomic design that symbolizes professionalism.

It comes equipped with lots of incredible and impeccable features that make it unparalleled by other disc sanders.

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Among other features, the integrated regulator for speed control and the adjustable speed of 10000 RPM appear to be the strong points.

It also has a low vibration to eliminate the swirl marks on your surfaces, and this vibration is enabled by the heavy duty ball bearing construction.

It is this low vibration that the sander is renowned for its seamless industrial performance.

To any homeowner, this is a must-have tool.

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To further make this disc sander more efficient, the lubricating oil is added as well as the coupler plug.

Because is it air-powered, its operating pressure is 90 psi, and has the air inlet size of ¼” BSP.

Moreover, it emerges as the lightweight, yet a heavy duty disc sander constructed with heat-treated steel components to boost its longevity.

In case your sanding paper wears out, the company offers the 80 Grit DURA-GOLD 6″ PSA Discs DA Sander Sandpaper Roll and the 320 Grit DURA-GOLD 6″ PSA Disc DA Sander Sandpaper Roll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this disc sander be sufficient for the removal of paint on my hardwood floor?

Because of the powerful features that this disc sander has, it will be do a great job in that.

But, be cautioned of the grit belt that you choose.

I recommend trying the higher grit level like the one I recommended above for finer removal of details.

Using lower grit of sand paper will instead cause swirl marks to your hard wood floor.

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How do I know that which grit I should get to sand my wall?

The grit levels differ according to the amount of rubble to remove.

It also depends on the final results expected.

If your wall is too rough, I recommend buying two grits; say the 80 grit and the 320 grit as recommended above.

Start with the lower grit and then advance to the finer one.

But, in principles, you are not encouraged to jump a lot, from one sand paper grit to another.

There could be other grit belts such as 150 or 180.

Apply them before the highest.

I have never used a disc sander before. Am I safe with this one?

You are safe provided you follow the right instructions.

The manufacturer provides the instruction manual that will help you master the operations of this disc sander.

Importantly, you have to wear protective clothes.

And when adjusting the sand paper, do not fiddle the tool with your hand before switching it off.

My Opinion

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
The TCP Global brand disc sander is a great air-powered industrial tool that doesn’t use so much air for perfect results.

It is durable and comes with a reasonable and adjustable speed.

Vibration is something that normally scares people, especially the amateurs.

In contrast, the manufacturer has put more efforts in eliminating it, and that makes this sander preferable.

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  • Powerful tool with ergonomic design for professional use
  • Low vibrations to minimize swirl marks
  • Can easily change the sand paper grit with ease
  • Comes with instruction manual
  • It is air-powered and uses less air


  • It is noisy. So you have to protect your ears using this industrial tool
  • Manual adjustment knob
  • Sand paper are costly and scarcely found in local stores

This disc paper is an indispensable tool for all home-improvements projects.

It is a heavy duty tool that can complete any project depending on the sand paper grit fitted.

Good Luck!

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