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Every hands-on technical work requires a perfect finish.

Carpenters, woodworkers and furniture manufacturers are no exceptions to the perfection of their work because they are faced with rough surfaces of their wood products that need to be smoothened to look more attractive.

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The best solution to that is the best belt sander to sand their surfaces and Makita 9903 3 X 21-inch belt sander is an ideal industrial tool for all applications.

Makita 9903 belt sander comes with a powerful 8.8 AMP motor to surpass other belt sanders in its range.

It combines that with a top and variable speed that ranges from 690-1 to 440 ft/min to remove the dust or grit quickly and accurately.

While it removes the dust, the surface area is kept clean by the cloth dust bag to make your job easy.

The product’s design helps flush sanding particles to the corner of the wall by using the nose and the side of the belt sander.

So you do not have to stop every time in order to clear the surface.

All the parts of the sander: dust bag, sander and sanding belt

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Furthermore, you do not have to manually adjust the belt for accurate results when using Makita’s 9903 belt sander.

The belt is tracked automatically for accurate results of sanding.

It delivers efficient results without any unbearable noise because of its low noise level below 85dB.

This makes this belt sander one of the quietest among other belt sanders in its range.

That’s good news for deck builders, woodworkers, floor installers, carpenters and furniture manufacturers because any noise level above 85dB for long periods can be damaging to your ears.

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
Makita 9903 is an improvement from previous versions and also a great competitor to other belt sanders on the market.

I actually love its variable speed that can be matched with any application.

Even more, I don’t have to worry about an irritating noise when operating it because it has a reasonable noise level under 85dB.

It is of course one of the quietest industrial power tools for sanding virtually all surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Makita belt sander to smoothen metals or is it designed for woods only?

Yes, you can use it on metals too. It is a powerful belt sander with 8.8 AMP motor to execute virtually all sanding tasks.

Can I also use it to remove old paint on a wall or remove poly stain?

Yes, definitely it can do that.

But on vertical surfaces, it can be heavy to use.

You can remove the old paint and also the poly stains.

But be cautioned that this belt sander is designed for heavy objects.

So just be vigilant when using it on light poly materials.

How can I mount this belt sander on a table because the trigger seem not be reached easily?

You can simply lock the trigger with ease so that you can mount it on the table.

I’ve just bought Makita 9903 belt sander and now the trigger is no longer functioning well, what should I do or where should I buy a replacement part?

When did you buy the product?

If it’s less than a year, then you can return the product to the manufacturer for repair purposes because it’s still under warranty.

If a year has elapsed, you can order replacement parts from the manufacturer or accredited suppliers.

Using the makita 9903 sander to sand


  • Has variable and fast speed for fast removal of particles
  • It has an auto-tracking system that tracks the belt without any need for manual operation
  • It is a quiet industrial power tool
  • Has a powerful 8.8 AMP motor with electronic speed configuration
  • Has a unique front grip for ease of operation and a low profile design for balance in operations


  • It is relatively expensive
  • Can be heavy when using on vertical surfaces
  • Limited warranty of a year.

Final thoughts

Makita 9903 belt sander is a powerful and innovative engineering tool to sand any rough surface or remove any unwanted particles on woods or metals.

All engineering technicians can now have a smooth finish using the most quietest and efficient belt sander.

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