Review: INSMA 40pcs 60-240 Grit Mouse Sanding Sheets for Black Decker Detail Palm Sander 120 Grit

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Sanding Sheets for Black Decker Detail Palm Sander

It becomes a pleasurable moment to achieve the best of sanding with the Black & Decker palm sander when you know that you have plenty of sanding sheets.

Fact is that, the sanding sheets get depleted quickly, especially when sanding more rough surfaces.

But then having to buy one at a time is not an ideal solution.

The INSMA 40 pcs 60-240 grit mouse-shaped sanding sheets are what you’ve probably been looking for.

These sheets are suitable for polishing and for cleaning with their finer grits.

The rule of thumb is to choose the lower grit of sheets if your tasks are rougher.

Interestingly, there are plenty of options to choose from and these involve the following:

  • 120 pcs single 120 grit
  • 240 pcs single 120 grit
  • 60 pcs single 120 grit
  • 80 pcs single 120 grit
  • 10 pcs where each sheet has multi grit and 40 pcs in overall

That is the interesting part about these mouse sheets because you can choose any of your preference.

Pack of 40 Sanding Sheets

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The 120 grit appears to be the common grit among these sanding sheets.

It is ideal, of course, for cleaning and polishing.

But if you need a competitively smooth surface, the 240 grit is a must have sheet.

The size of these sanding sheets is 140 x 100mm.

Meanwhile, the Velcro loop backing makes these sheets durable and practical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these sanding sheets work well with the Genesis Corner Sander?

It is important to check and compare the dimensions of these sheets with the ones required for your desired sander.

By reading on the description of sheets required for Genesis Corner Sander, I found out that it requires “mouse shaped” sheets.

This is the similar shape as these ones, so I conclude that you can use them as well.

Which grit should I buy for the removal of paint?

I recommend opting for the common 120 grit sheet paper.

But then it also depends on the type of wall from which you will remove that paint.

If it is too rough, then it’s better if you start with the 40 grit of sheet and then climb to other sheet papers for finer particles.

How often should I change these sheet sleeves?

There is no specific time put that when you should replace the sheet.

The best practice is to keep an eye on the progress of your work.

If there’s no more progress, it might be a sign that your sheet needs replacement.

Exercise precautions when changing these sheets on your sander as emphasized in the operator manual of the sander.

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Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
These mouse sanding sheets can be the best solutions for many people.

They come in different sizes which makes it easy for one to pick whatever he likes.

I am actually planning to purchase the Black & decker palm sander and then consider buying these mouse sanding sheets.

So I won’t have to run around local stores looking for replacement sheets.

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  • Available in plenty of grit sizes
  • There are different packages with 120 grit being the popular grit among others
  • Can fit in a range of sanders that require mouse-shaped or iron-shaped sanding sheets


  • Only for sanders that fit mouse- or iron-shaped sanding sheets
  • Not ideal for big projects with the palm sander

Final Thoughts

If you own the Black & Decker detail Palm Sander, this product is good for you.

It impresses by the different grit sheets that it has.

It helps one have many options based on the task to be accomplished.

With this combo, I will have no reason to buy individual sanding sheets.

It then becomes easy to replace the worn out sanding sheets.

Good Luck!

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