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Peachtree Woodworking Sanding Kit

Drum sanders are the great industrial tools for the removal of fine particles in surfacing or wood sanding.

However, they are not the perfect tools for rougher surfaces, unless you make use of another sander before considering this sander.

From there it will be easy to maneuver your woodworking projects by changing the sander sleeves between 80 and 100 grit.

To narrow your search of drum sanders, I have brought you a 20 PIECE LONG DRUM SANDING KIT produced by the Peachtree Woodworking.

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With this kit, you are all set-up to execute any drum sander-compatible task.

Included in your kit is the case, 4 drums which are all of size 2-1/2 long, 4 sanding sleeves in 80 and 100 grit, 2 for each grit.

For the convenience of sanding, the sanding drums are engineered to expand when the knob has been tightened so that the sanding sleeves can be kept in place.

You can aim to complete a countless number of woodworking projects.

If the sleeve frays, you can easily change it and you can alternate between the 80 and 100 grit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the sanding sleeves in my drum sander?

If you have purchased this kit it’s going to be easy.

The drums have the nut on top that can be tightened or loosened.

So, if you want to change the sleeve that has been depleted or frayed, simply loosen up the nut on top of the drum then remove the sleeve.

Insert another one of the right size and the desired grit and then tighten the knob to keep the sleeve in place.

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The sandpaper keeps unlocking itself from the drum kit. Should I report a product the fault?

No, do not hurry in reporting the fault.

One of the reasons of the sand paper unlocking could be that you didn’t tighten the nut well.

Try to tighten the nut to compress the rubber on the drum so that the sanding sleeves can fit well and tightly.

If the problem of unlocking persists, the problem could be with your nut then.

That’s when you can consider reporting the case.

Can I find another grit of sanding sleeves other than ones provided?

Yes, you can find them.

In this drum kit, only the 80 and 100 grit are included.

You will have to look for other options if looking for other grit levels other than these ones.

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
This drum kit is an indispensable tool for majority of home improvement projects, especially whereby you sand the round pieces.

It provides good quality with different grit of sand papers as well as the drums.

I doubt if you will ever be subjected to poor quality work because of the nut that tightens the sleeves in place.

The case makes it possible to store these essential tools after use or when traveling.

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  • 4 drums of sizes 2-1/2 included
  • Sand paper sleeves of 80 and 100 grit included with each grit having two items
  • The drums expand when the nut has been tightened
  • The sandpaper sleeves are put in place by tightening the nut or removed by loosening the nut
  • Can complete small projects of round pieces


  • The sandpaper sleeves can unlock if nut well tightened
  • Not suitable for bigger projects that are rougher
  • The sandpaper grit is limited to only two types

Final thoughts

If you have some of the round pieces to sand, this drum kit would be ideal for you.

It offers you 4 sandpaper sleeves whereby 2 are 80 grit and the remaining are 100 grit.

I also like the fact that 4 drums have been included, and they can expand once the nut on top is being tightened.

It becomes easy to lock or to unlock the sandpaper sleeves.

Good Luck!

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