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Hitachi SB8V2

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Smoothening wood and metallic surfaces has become a norm for perfection in professions such as carpentry, engineering, and manufacturing.

As such, belt sanders have been widely introduced in the market as potential substitutions of the bulky sanders anciently used.

Belt sanders bring innovative technologies at the fingertips of many woodworkers and carpenters.

Among other belt sanders, I found Hitachi SB8V2 is one of the effective and powerful sanders.

Hitachi SB8V2 belt sander is renowned for its features.

The first attractive selling point is the variable speed that varies between 820 to 1475 ft/min.

With this variable speed, you can sand any application at your desired speed for perfection.

The 9 AMP powerful motor also does a great job of removing even the toughest paints or sharpen the hardest steels.

Precisely, this motor is ideal for a broad range of operations/applications such as sanding woods and metals, and removing paint on walls.

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander with Trigger

The belt’s wear resistant makes it more durable in its league.

And the dust bag’s position makes corner sanding a cinch since it is at the left hand side of the Hitachi belt sander.

Furthermore with the dust bag, you can make your work area clean for a thorough exposure to the surfaces.

With the clear front cover you can observe the progress of the belt as well as check if it’s still in good order.

If the belt’s quality has decreased you can change it.

For ease of operations there are soft grip handles for your convenience.

All these features make this belt sander exceptionally great in any smooth finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my son to use this belt sander?

If your son has skills then yes, he can use this belt sander.

But avoid letting anyone inexperienced to operate this sander for you.

Firstly, your desired surface finish may not be as you’ve envisioned it to be.

Secondly, operating this belt sander requires vigilance, especially when you have to change or adjust the belt.

Negligence may lead to unnecessary injury.

A supervisory role is needed for inexperienced users.

What do you reckon I wear for safety precautions?

There is no designated clothing for the operation of Hitachi belt sander.

However, since this industrial tool can sprinkle dust particles or metal sparks to your eyes, it is better if you wear protective glasses or goggles to be safe.

Long sleeves and long pants are also recommended.

Is the case included to pack this belt sander?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not mentioned anything about including the case.

So my conclusion is that you have to purchase a case separately.

This belt sander is portable with dimensions 3 x 21 inches.

You can carry it wherever you go.

Which belt grit should I use?

I don’t have an exact grit size to recommend because the answer is purely subjective.

Remember grit is directly proportional to the amount of particles to remove.

For finer particles, you need a higher grit of sand paper.

You can find higher grit like 150 grit or even 50 grit.

Jerry's TakeJerry's Take
For any enthusiast person in woodworking or metal finish, I vehemently recommend the powerful 9 AMP to tackle any surface of your choice.

This belt sander has proven to be convenient with its variable speed dial, which then allows you to complete any task at desired speeds.

The sander’s visible tracking window allows you to observe the progress of your work as well as track the quality of the belt.

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  • It has variable speed dial
  • Visible tracking window for observation of the progress of your work
  • Powerful 9 AMP motor
  • Dust bag for particle removal


  • No case included for storage purposes
  • Manual adjustment of belt
  • Purchase sand papers separately

With Hitachi belt sander I assure you a satisfactory job completion.

Not all belt sanders come with a variable speed dial.

So you have flexibility with this belt.

Moreover, if there is any defect resulting from factory faults, the company offers 5-year limited warranty.

Good Luck!

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